In the City of Hearts

The birthday month has been kicked off by dinner and dessert at Denny’s. We stopped at the diner last night on the way home from Worcester when Adi observed: ‘You have the heart of a trucker. You want to drive a RAM And you have taken a shine to Denny’s. Now all we need to … Continue reading In the City of Hearts

In Málaga…

Keeping in theme with the tone of the guest post on Seville by Sophie, I thought of my Andalusian adventures that kicked off from Málaga, the Andalusian port city of Spain, that lies across the tip of Africa. It was February and yet the heat, oh it was blistering. Ir ran along the lines of an Indian summer … Continue reading In Málaga…


“Don’t look now,’ said John to his wife, ‘but there are two old girls two tables away, looking at me all the time. I don’t like it. There’s something very strange about their eyes.’ The wife, Laura, turned and saw what she saw and laughed as she commented that they were two men actually. He said: … Continue reading Torcello

Candy is Dandy in Burano

I have fallen for bright accents of colour on doors and windows of whitewashed stone cottages in Cornish villages, on the streets of Lisbon with the brilliant (and sometimes faded) blue of the azulejos, colourful house fronts and yellow, green and red vintage trams, in the gaggle of houses that climb up the cliffy villages in the Cinque Terre and then on … Continue reading Candy is Dandy in Burano

Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated by Marlena, a multi-tasking blogger, who likes to write posts from the life of an interracial family and talk about ‘the fusion of cultures, races, religions and everything that comes along with it’ in her words. Sorry Marlena, got a bit delayed in putting this up, but well here we go. My Blogging Journey I had … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

The Cramm Award

Hiya, This has been a weekend of chain tags. I am getting through them, not unlike an ox. This is an award post tag from Silvia of thehappiestpixel. She lives in a town somewhere in Spain and is a foodie who wants to make her way to Australia some day to hug a koala. Did that not put … Continue reading The Cramm Award