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The Darling Buds of March

They are here. The tiny buds with their fuzzy pale pink pouts. And I can feel the familiar itch again, on this first day of spring. The itch to travel. To catch the breeze as I set my eyes upon places old and new, meet people, listen to their stories, climb hills, cuddle a bear or two (if the old boys are up for it), and make new memories.

What’s on your list this spring?


    • dippydottygirl

      Oh well, spring started with a sprinkle of sleet and snow here. Should snow heavily tomorrow going by the weather forecast but hey blue skies and long daylight hours. I cannot wait 🙂 xx

    • dippydottygirl

      Ditto Kim 🙂 Let’s see what spring holds for us and count in some snow on the East Coast! Road trips sound so loverly. Fuelled by loud singing and junk food…bring it on! xx

  • lexandneek

    Love the new banner! You look wonderful with the backdrop of the beautiful port. We’re planning on a little road trip to the Palm Springs area. Can’t wait to read and see what you encounter on your travels! 🙂

  • Sheree

    Quite forgot it was the first day of spring yesterday as we’ve been having anything but spring-like weather. Far too much rain for me, but manna to farmers, vintners and market gardeners. The mimosa’s gone, there are lime green leaves unfurling from the trees, the apple and cherry blossom is starting to bloom, the grass is Kelly-green – nothing to do with recent St Patrick’s Day – and the ducks from the Domaine’s lake are up to no good in the woods. It must be spring.

    • dippydottygirl

      I could actually picture it Sheree. All of it. Sounds idyllic. We are so far behind you here. The snowstorms have yet to ease up! :-/
      I love that shade of lime green you mention and the sight of those tiny leaves. They fill my heart. xx

  • a mindful traveler

    Well on this side of the globe it’s Autumn…preparing for the Winter months ahead…though we have been most lucky with our beautiful Melbourne weather. Blue skies and sunshine…yes please, I’ll take it while it’s still here. Xx

    • dippydottygirl

      Another beautiful season coming up for you! I love autumn 🙂 I cannot wait for the lengthy days of summer now even though I know how blistering it will be here in the East Coast. Meanwhile it snows away! xx

  • We Travel Happy

    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of MARCH and summer’s lease hath all too short a date… Love the title of your post 🙂
    I love flowers especially the wild ones. I love spring, too! We don’t have it here though, but this March I intend to visit the Sakura exhibit. ‘Gardens by the Bay’ here is very kind to bring the most beautiful spring flowers of Japan for us in Singapore to enjoy. 🙂

  • Osyth

    New life … is anything so beautiful? All those babies springing forth be they bears or badgers or sheep any other shaggy tail in the making. The buds, the blossom give hope to the heart and ignite the need to make new memories. For me there will be a sad farewell, a moment in the arms of my family Britain en route to the next adventure …. so there will be three springs – here, there and you know where – I always was a little greedy 😉 xx

    • dippydottygirl

      As you should be. This life is too short not to demand more of it. I miss the sight of the sheep fattened by their winter wool! So, it seems spring shall be bittersweet…and then there shall be new beginnings.
      A big hug for the changes to come ahead, Osyth.
      P.S.: The next adventure can only be American sized. xx

  • Lingyun

    I’m in Canada, no buds here yet! I’ve been feeling a little stuck lately, I don’t have any plans yet, but a getaway to celebrate the spring would do me good.

    • dippydottygirl

      Count me in. That feeling is stuffy and I do not care much for it. Let us hope spring brings back a spring to our steps. xx

    • dippydottygirl

      Thank you 🙂 Love the sound of magnolia buds peeping out and also that of those white flowers. They remind me of cherry blossoms — though the stamens seem to make the difference.
      We do have the snow still. Still in the process of melting in the park and at others spots, such as the pavements, gathered in dirty clumps. Rather unattractive at this stage. I heard it snowed in your part today. Was it welcome? xx

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