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Tsukwani, a Kwakwala-speaking woman from the North West Coast, paints a hat with family crests. Her regalia, the nose rings, cedar bark cape and silver bracelets,   reveals that she is of noble lineage. Photographed by Edward S. Curtis in 1914.
The Beaver Family dressed in a combination of indigenous and European clothes and accessories. They are from the Stoney Nation who lived near the Canadian Rock Mountains. Photographed by Mary Schaffer in 1907.
Postcard from Berlin. It is a half of a Trabant. ‘The terrible car’ was made between 1964 and 1990 in East Germany. A tragi-comic photo with an atmosphere of decay and dereliction around the half-car.
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Hole in the wall at the Reichstag from 1990. 


Che Guevara, 1963. “I have a wish. It as a fear as well – that in my end will be my beginning,” he had said.

And because we all love Audrey  – I have not met a single person in my life who has not gushed at the mention of the beauty – here are a trio of postcards I bought during my travels. I love collecting tinseltown memorabilia too.

Funny Face 
Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire

Nuggets from Funny Face:

[Dick kisses Jo]

Jo Stockton: Why did you do that?

Dick Avery: Empathy. I put myself in your place and I felt that you wanted to be kissed.

Jo Stockton: I’m afraid you put yourself in the WRONG place. I have no desire to be kissed, by you or anyone else.

Roman Holiday

Princess Ann: Have I been here all night, alone?

Joe Bradley: If you don’t count me, yes.

Princess Ann: So I’ve spent the night here – with you?

Joe Bradley: Well now, I-I don’t know that I’d use those words exactly, but uh, from a certain angle, yes.

Princess Ann: [beaming with a smile] How do you do?

Joe Bradley: How do you do?

With those wonderful Audrey snippets, I shall sign and sigh off.



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